WOW Air will take you from New Delhi to New York for just Rs 13,499


Iceland-based carrier Wow Air has reported flights from Delhi to choose North American and European goals from December 7, 2018. In an announcement on Tuesday, Wow Air – which at present works with an armada of 19 airplane – said the alarms from Delhi to these goals will be steered through Keflavik air terminal in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The ease carrier has reported early on one-path admissions from Rs. 13,499 on these flights. Called ‘Wow essential’, the toll incorporates all expenses however rejects dinner and registration things, which will be charged independently.


Top prime goals of the new Wow Air flights from Delhi to North American and European goals:

  1. Wow Air flight from Delhi to New York: Wow Air’s flight from New Delhi, India to New York, US will take around 18-20 hours. That will incorporate around 10.5 hours from Delhi to Reykjavik and an additional 5.5 hours from that point to New York.
  2. All gear notwithstanding a PC measured sack will be charged furthermore, with the exception of some top notch class situates, the carrier said.
  3. The carrier will offer corresponding flights to 15 North American urban areas, other than those to European goals.
  4. Wow Air offers four charge classes: Wow essential, Wow additionally, Wow comfortable and Wow premium.
  5. ‘Wow premium’ charges at the opposite end will be estimated from Rs. 46,599 onwards including charges, Wow Air organizer and CEO Skuli Mogensen said.
  6. “The aircraft will have five non-stop flights seven days between New Delhi and Keflavik airplane terminal that will interface with various goals in North America and Europe,” Mr Mogensen told journalists in New Delhi.
  7. Of the aggregate 365 seats in the air ship, 42 would be premium.
  8. Wow Air at present serves 39 goals crosswise over Europe and North America.
  9. Wow Air said flying by means of Reykjavik would be the most limited one-stop flight. Iceland falls on the standard course removed via bearers flying from India to the US, it noted. “On the off chance that you take a gander at flights from India to North America, they really go straightforwardly above Iceland…So Iceland is the ideal center point for India to North America movement,” Mr Mogensen said.
  10. Wow Air works three Airbus A320, 13 Airbus A321 and three Airbus A330 airplane, as per its site. Wow Air will work India flights five days seven days with an Airbus A330 Neo flying machine.