Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa forced to resigned, Congress JD(S) to form new Government

The 72-hour drama came to a halt after the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India came out with an option. The highest court of India ordered the BJP’s Chief Minister Yeddyurappa to conduct and prove majority in the floor-test.

BJP, which had 104 seats on their side, fell short of the half-mark 111 in the 222 house, where Congress scored 76, JD(S) scored 36, the remaining 2 went to independent candidates.

The floor-test was a blow to BJP as they had demanded a 7-day window to prove their majority, which, the Governor approved for a 15-day. And eventually, reduced to 24-hour by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Although a motion of confidence was set that there would be cross-votes flowing in from all the directions. The predicament voting eventually flowed in the direction of the Congress-JD(S) post-electoral alliance.

The Chief Minister, who resigned after a day of the election, broke down during his farewell Speech on the floor of the House. The BJP-led Yeddyurappa spoke on how the Government was being formed against the mandate of the people.

Yeddyruppa assured BJP will have full majority with 29/29 in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Yeddyurappa concluded his speech by saying, “My life is trail by fire.”