DejaVu for Deve Gowda as the Governor of Karnataka played the real Politics of all time

In the year 1996 BJP President of Gujarat was hit by one of the most devastating post-election results. Despite the majority, BJP couldn’t form the government in the state.

Shankersinh Vaghela’s ambitious move to form the government by rebelling out from BJP and joining the Congress attracted a massive embarrassment to both BJP State President of Gujarat & the standing Chief Minister Suresh Mehta. The Gujarat Governor asked Suresh Mehta to prove his majority on the floor of the House. But before voting could be done in the Gujarat assembly, blows were exchanged between opposing legislators inside the House.

In spite of the Bhartiya Janta Party having a clear majority of 121 in the 182 constituencies, the then Prime Minister of India called out for President Rule even before consulting the major party from the elections.

Today, a circular from the Raj Bhavan in Karnata has been circulated which looks like and invites the BJP to form the Government instead of JDS & Congress alliance which has the majority.

Interesting Points to be Noted

#1 BJP President of Gujrat who failed to retain the government despite clear majority due to the Prime Minister’s decision, was none other than Vajubhai Vala, the now Governor of Karnataka. Mr. Vajubhai now has the liberty to decide who becomes the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

#2 The Prime Minister of India in that period was H.D. Dewe Gowda, the father of the current JD(S) leader, H.D. Kumaraswamy, who also happens to be the chief ministerial candidate of Karnataka supported by both Congress & Janta Dal (Secular).

#3 Congress’ take on appealing the case at the Supreme Court will also be limited to a 48-hour juncture, since the last day of the functioning of Supreme Court is on Friday before it halts on account of Summer Vacation.

#4 The Government has to be made within a maximum of fifteen days, BJP can easily get 8 MLAs to support them (104+8=112, a majority), considering 14 MLAs are missing from both JD(S) & Congress combined.