Jaipur Man Spends Rs 16 Lakh on Fancy Number Plate for Jaguar XJ L

Everyone likes their car or bike to stand out. While some may opt for a personalized touch with modifications, paint jobs or just badging, there are those who like to splurge a little extra and get that exclusive registration number plate.

While we have seen some very interesting examples in the past, Jaipur-based Rahul Tanejaa decided to not hold back on the registration number when purchasing his newest car.

The 37-year-old has a fancy for the number ‘1’ and decided to spend ₹ 16 lakh for the registration number on his newly purchased Jaguar XJ L. This is the highest amount someone has bid for the registration number at the Jaipur RTO.

However, the ₹ 16 lakh sum does feel like pocket change when compared to some outrageous amounts people have paid for a fancy number plate world over. Earlier this year, the ‘F1’ number plate was put on sale for a whopping amount of ₹ 132 crores. The plate was originally sold in 2008 for ₹ 4 crore, under the ownership of the Essex City Council, and have graced the registration recess of cars like the Mercedes-McLaren SLR, custom Range Rovers as well as the Bugatti Veyron.