7 convincing reasons to bring back NRC’s (Non-resident Calcuttans)

Park Street

Where you drowned your sorrows. Where you made friends. Where you graduated out of childhood. You grieved over lost love/ first break up over pints of beer or pegs of rum or whatever your choice of poison was.

You passionately debated Nihilism and Existentialism in the musty corridor of the Olypub, cigarette in hand. Or the other way, holding hands of your loved one, passing by Hobby’s Center even when its raining cats and dogs, or spending your time with your soul-mate in Barista or Cafe Coffee Day or McD, you would choose any spot to cherish your feelings with him/her.


It’s not Puchka. It’s Phuchka. That’s what you have tried to explain in vain to your colleagues and friends there. This deep fried thin skinned hollow flourball with a filling of mashed potato with spices, dipped in tamarind water is a foodie’s delight and a dietitians nightmare. They do not mash the potato like they do it here in Kolkata. The flour is not as crisp with memories and the water is not as tangy with love. Be it the Russel Street walle Bhaiya or someone from Howrah AC, you won’t find much difference in taste when it comes to the mouth-watering Puchka, oops Phuchka! 

Victoria Ground

If you’re a guy, you probably have planned a million times to resume jogging after the last time you tried and ended up eating couple of plates of Kachori Sabji at Balwant Singh or Sharma depending on how much credible your voice is among your group and then returning back to home after having a tea at Calcutta Stock Exchange and back to pavilion!

If you’re a girl, you also would do the same because of the jogging group would surely have some of you as well. Also, you always have had that dream of going round and across AJC Bose Road on a ferry ride with your special one. That ride, you won’t get any replacement with.

Durga Puja

When the biological clock of Kolkata works upside down. When city stayed awake throughout the night, keeping you company, while you pandal hopped first with parents and then with friends. And Maddox Square was its very own DOS version of Facebook, where the classmate from school/ college suddenly looked hot/ handsome. Or those Dandiya Nights where parents altogether join you for a night-bash in nothing less than a family pub. Crowded with those beautiful kids in their traditional outfits making them the best or those group of colleagues who are there just to party-all-night keeping them under limits.

Yellow Taxi!

You’re not decided whether he is the hero or the villain of the Kolkata roads. Not yet. He might have flatly refused to take you to the most convenient of locations. He might have dropped you right at Airport at 4:00 AM just dodging the bullets. He has argued with you over topics ranging from the fare chart, politics, sports to the sanskaras of the present generation.


You’re in the late season of graduation, where you always get a visit by your mom at your study room with always free premium eatables suitable to get your brains working more efficiently.

Kicking you up with the morning at 4 and at the same time looking after you at 2 when you face-palmed your book whole night in the middle of your study sessions, Mom’s are always loving. You won’t ever get such an environment to study even you are retaining a 5 star hotel room or a typical non-restricted PG’s.

Howrah Bridge

If your work and residence are on the opposite sides, you probably will not feel much more optimistic by crossing the beautiful river Ganga couple of times daily and observe lacks of people on their foot getting on to work at 9 AM sharp and it goes the same when returning back to home, where people star moving towards the opposite direction starting from 7 PM till late in the evening.

The crowd starts humping there from 5 in the morning, there are chances you will find traffic stuck that early on Howrah Bridge. Passing through the bridge a couple of times a day is the best feeling a Calcuttan can have.

Corporate Houses at Dalhousie Square

Calcutta might not be India’s financial or startup capital today, but not so long ago, India’s store for heritage complexes was in Kolkata. Iconic buildings built by the Britishers are still one of the most attracted spots in Kolkata.

From Gillanders House to HSBC House, & General Post Office, every complex takes you back to the 1980’s.


So might so it look unconventional, Dalhousie Square in Kolkata has over 55 historic landmarks.

Indeed, the city of Joy! <3