First Iron Man Suit Which Robert Downey Jr. Wore Just Got Stolen

Regardless of whether you have been living under the stone, you presumably know who Iron Man is. Regardless of whether you saw him without precedent for Avengers: Infinity War. All things considered, Iron Man is sending a misery flag everywhere throughout the universe since his suit has been stolen. This is in no way like your swanky Rs 10,000 suit getting stolen.

This resembles your whole house, auto and bank adjust being wiped clean in light of the fact that the suit was worth Rs 2.6 crore!

This was the first suit Robert Downey Jr wore in the primary Iron Man motion picture – the thing that began everything. It is being accounted for that the suit vanished from the office in the Pacoima neighborhood amongst February and April 25. As indicated by the Los Angeles police, a grumbling with respect to the missing suit was documented on ninth May 2018.

“It was accounted for by the storeroom that the prop was absent. It is viewed as a robbery,” a LAPD representative told People.

It sounds like a theft okay, yet the main thing that is throwing us off is, how is it that nobody has seen for so long? In any case, it’s sort of dismal for the producers, Downey, and fans. Be that as it may, someplace in a shabby room-changed over into-a-lab so nerd may have the season of his/her life.