Amit Singhal forced to resign from Uber after concealing Sexual Harassment charge

Senior engineering executive at Uber was dismissed on Monday after the cab-booking titan gathered information that he ended his tenure at Google after a sexual harassment complaint, according to several US media outlets.

Amit Singhal, who was head of Search at Google denied such allegation but also safeguarded the fact that an internal investigation was invited with the conclusion that their employee was indeed credible. The tech news website Redcode confirmed the outcome.

I do not condone and have not committed such behavior.
– Amit Singhal

Amit worked at Google for 15 years before ending his career their last year. Uber picked him up as their senior vice president of engineering. It is indeed, however, confusing that neither of the background checks by Uber nor any other source of credible media confirmed the charge on Singhal.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick asked Singhal to resign early on Monday for safeguarding the investigation, according to Recode. In a statement published in Recode, Singhal condemned harassment in any setting and said “I do not condone and have not committed such behavior.”

Misbehavior and mocking the juniors is a regular practice and is very frequently overlooked as reported by New York Times. Early investors in the ride-hailing company have called on it to change its “destructive culture”. In a letter, Mitch and Freada Kapor said Uber’s success as a company could not “excuse a culture plagued by disrespect, exclusionary cliques, lack of diversity, and tolerance for bullying and harassment,” as reported by Scroll.

Uber is already in the Intensive Care Unit after the immigration controversy which left the cab-hiring giant in an embarrassing situation with #DeleteUber soaring its way on Twitter for days.

In the eyes of consumers, Uber’s controversies pack together into “a snowball of trouble rolling down the hill getting bigger and bigger,” said brand management specialists Bruce Turkel.