Two-year-old children are taking coaching classes for admission in Nursery

Education is the most misinterpreted term. Not exclusively in India but all throughout the world. The verticals education should and must have far from ethical. In a modern yet regressive society, students are forced to persuade a diplomatic course which may or may not be their choice of future.

The academic qualification of every youngster today is not at par. Although the status quo forces each one of us to act upon and follow our successors, only to miserable, fail like them. The harsh truth is, it is not the fault of our students or professors, there are not even lack of universities. The problem lies in the education system, which is incomplete without an academic assistance from outside of school.

We have ruined ourselves and our thoughts on how to develop new ways to learn and memorize things, instead, we are committed to follow the masses and end up becoming one of them. The false propaganda these businessmen run which markets coaching centers as learning zones are nothing but a bizarre way disrupting a settled structure. In a desperate measure to create a business out of schooling and education, coaching centers have somehow marked their existence in this nonexisting economy.

In a city as developed as Mumbai, one expects an attitude of revolutionizing fashion, business, and industries. But in a way, this Mumbai trend is spreading, wherein toddlers, as young as two years are being prepared to interviews, creates a depressing environment all around us.

Mother and child drawing together

Although, interviewing kids for school admission stands illegal and is a punishable offense. No “upper-class school” gives a damn about it. Not only this, the parents themselves are spending lakhs of rupees to get their child “educated” prior to an “education institute,” not sure what to think anymore.

What more depressing is, about the parents’ thoughts and action on this. Although knowing about how mistreated their children could be at such a young age, they chose to be ignorant and forget that mental capacity of recalling and memorizing develops with years and not at birth.

The problem also lies with the modernization hitting us severely which allows us to put our children’s childhood as an optional task alongside our work schedule. Repealing and irresponsible parents are equally responsible for this mental trauma their kid gets to face at such a young age.

As smart as every business seems to be, taking admission in this coaching classes also appears to be difficult than the actual teaching institution. Other than giving the kids lesson on “interaction and knowledge building” at such age, this coaching institute also happens to guarantee admission in big schools, for which the parents fall before.

The law of the land which nobody cares about clearly prohibits the interviewing of children to get admission. But the loopholes are large enough for these fraudsters to pass through.